Phase I Environmental Studies / Desktop Surveys

This is the first stage of a phased investigation for contamination which is undertaken to identify if there are any potential risks and whether further assessment is required.

The cost of a phase I Environmental Survey depends on the extent, complexity and nature of the site as well as the amount of detail required to meet the purpose of the study.

It may be possible to satisfy planning conditions for phased investigation by preparing a basic Preliminary Risk Assessment without the need to visit the property and based entirely on an assessment of the environmental setting of the site alongside available data and historical maps.  These reports are ideal for small development sites where the existing use is perceived to be low risk (e.g. a pub, residential property or an office).  

However, a more detailed study incorporating a site visit may be required to satisfy Planning requirements for which a Phase I Contamination & Environmental Risk Assessment/ Environmental Screening may be more suitable.  This is a detailed phase I environmental risk assessment written in accordance with Environment Agency guidance including CLR 11, and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidance which incorporates an assessment of the existing site operations in the context of the environmental setting and legislative requirements.  The report also includes a comprehensive review of data, historical maps and other available information alongside observations made during an inspection of the property.  A preliminary Conceptual Site Model is prepared to identify potential pollution linkages, recommendations are provided within a detailed risk assessment and the qualitative level of risk set against a hierarchy of risk developed by the RICS.

If an environmental search report has recently been obtained, we are able to incorporate this into the Preliminary Risk Assessment or Environmental Screening in the place of separately acquired environmental data.

For larger brownfield redevelopments or regeneration projects it may be most appropriate to obtain a Land Quality Statement (LQS).  This is a more detailed report prepared in accordance with RICS guidance with a risk assessment structured around both property value implications and Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Our fees for preparing a Phase I Environmental Survey start at just £450 + VAT for the provision of a Preliminary Risk Assessment.   Additional costs may apply depending upon the type of report required, the scale and nature of the development, the level of detail that would need to be included, the need to acquire specific information and/or attend site.

Furthermore, AC Environment Solutions are able to build a report from the basis of environmental searches / data reports that have already been obtained.  We have in depth knowledge of the data and risk review procedures used in the preparation of these reports and understand how best to interpret them as the basis for a study that is acceptable to Planning Authorities.

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