Environmental Permitting

The Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2010 were introduced in April 2010 and replaced the 2007 version which had combined the Waste Management Licensing Regulations and the Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations.

Many sectors of industry are included within this regime and unless the activities you undertake are exempt (in which case you may need to register an exemption with the Environment Agency) you will require a permit to operate.  There are a number of standard rules permits which have been put together for common activities, however, should your operation differ even slightly from these it is likely you will have to apply for a bespoke permit which requires more complex assessment.

We are experienced in evaluating the clients operational needs before preparing and compiling the applications for exempt activities, waste activities including mobile plant, water discharge activities and mining waste operations.  We are also able to prepare LAPPC applications for fixed and mobile screening and crushing equipment.

AC Environment Solutions Ltd can assist you in identifying the most appropriate exemption or permit for your operations.  If you’re not sure whether your operations qualify for an exemption or need a permit give us a call or drop us a line now to find out how together, we can make the process as simple as possible.


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