Environmental Management Systems

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a framework which allows a company to manage its impacts on the environment and become more sustainable.

Environmental Management Systems vary depending upon the nature of the impacts relevant to the business, but typically include measures to control consumption of materials, waste, transport, emissions, energy use, impacts on wildlife and issues contributing to climate change.  

An EMS will help your organisation to improve its environmental performance, comply with environmental legislation, and is likely to generate financial savings and enhance its standing and reputation.

AC Environment Solutions can assist by providing a solution tailored to your requirements, from a relatively simple audit of your operation that results in improvements, development of an ‘own management system’ demonstrating commitment to a systematic approach progressing to a fully accredited EMS such as ISO14001.

AC Environment Solutions specialise in working with companies needing to comply with Condition 1.1 of an existing or proposed Environmental Permit.  Please also visit our Environmental Permitting page and our Training page for details of compliance with the requirements of an approved competence scheme.

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