Due Diligence Studies

With extensive experience in evaluating environmental risk we are able to assist with due diligence for commercial property purchases, either as investment opportunities or as part of business takeovers.

The industrial heritage of the UK has resulted in widespread contamination issues which may cause harm to us, our surroundings, wildlife and the water we drink.  There is extensive legislation as to just who gets to deal with its cleanup, how and when and if you decide to make an investment in property it is worth planning ahead to check there are no nasty surprises lying in wait.

AC Environment Solutions has the experience necessary to provide due diligence reports which aid investment decisions, are accepted for financing purposes by banks and for the purposes of putting property assets into pension schemes.  These bodies have the responsibility to protect funds in their care and mitigate potential risks associated with property purchase, including environmental risk.

For many due diligence studies a Phase I Environmental Survey (or desktop study) is sufficient to allay concerns raised by either historical uses or the current occupation of a site.  On many occasions changes to site procedures can make all the difference to the overall level of risk.

You may also be looking to find appropriate premises for a new business venture or relocation.  In considering potential locations it is necessary to think about whether planning consent will be forthcoming for any particular site and business type, especially since sequential tests to show that the chosen location is the best available are required for all planning applications.  The completion of a sequential test can be undertaken as part of our initial research and its completion early in the property search may prevent the need to abandon proposals where much expense has already been incurred.


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